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Wordfull Wednesday – Instagram

I love mornings at work.  Very calming and beautiful to watch the sun come up over the mountains.

Abigail, Marina, and I played Dakota and Skyler at Trivial Pursuit. I was surprised by how many answers I knew!

Yes, I am a Cat-agramer. But he is so cute! And so wacko-crazy! Right now he is trying to attack me as I type on my laptop. I think he is a blogger at heart!

This is probably my favorite instagram picture ever. My two boys, playing with each other. There were a few cute ones after this, where Dakota was hitting Loki with his hair. It was too cute. It warmed my heart!

Have you been taking Instagram pics this week? We’d love to have you link up at #iPPP!






July So Far

So far, July has been off to a good start.

Because I have been lazy about weekly Instagram posts, here is my life in July so far  through Instagram.

1) Loki after staying up all night crying. He doesn’t like his crate. He has since gotten used to it a  bit, because whenever I put him in it (even in the middle of the day if he’s particularly rambunctious..yes, I am a bad fur-parent) he just curls up and goes to sleep. I think he just accepts it.

2) Loki. Taken about two seconds after the first picture. I thought he was finally relaxing but it seems that I was wrong. He went absolutely bat shit crazy.

3) The craziness makes his sleep that much sweeter. I love watching him sleep.

4) One of the rare occurances of me wearing full make up. On Saturday, I went to the wedding of two of the sweetest people I have ever met and had the pleasure to work with. I took Abigail. It was very sweet and I am not ashamed to admit that I cried in more than one spot. There were a lot of laughs. Especially when, in the vows, they promised each other to spoil their Great Dane. After five years of engagement, the title of the day was FINALLY!

5) The centerpiece of our table, “Fishie”. All of the tables were named after their dog’s favorite toys. I was seated with one of my coworkers and his wife. It was nice to spend sometime outside of work. We did talk about work quite a bit, but that’s what happens when coworkers get together!

6) I love when Loki curls up next to me. He is adorable.

7)  I can’t explain why I took this picture. I think I was bored. I’m trying to get over my disdain of pictures of myself. ESPECIALLY smiling. So I am trying. What do you think?

8) I know. Enough pictures of the cat. But he just cracks me up sometimes with the way he sleeps.

9) My adorable pair of shoes!  $8 at Target! They got a little scuffed at work (I do work in manufacturing — this should’ve dawned on me before I wore them to work but I wouldn’t be who I am if I did. ) They are still cute though. Suede is just hard.

And, I’ve been thinking that if I do a Project Life project, that it will be easy to write journaling cards if I just go by these posts 😛 So maybe I will be successful afterall.



life rearranged
As you should know by now, I LOVE Instagram. In fact, I love it so much I have done multiple posts about it.

I haven’t done a post about my life in Instagram because I have no life.

Therefore, I haven’t taken many pictures.



It’s Friday, and because I am on a beach somewhere in my mind, here is my life in Instagram these past few weeks.

1) They eat my food, they do my dishes. ‘Nuff said.

2) Key Lime Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Sandwich. To die for. I love Costco.

3) Moscato. My love. Where have you been all my life?

4) This is my view a lot these days.

5) Julia and I on her graduation day. I just about melted. And my butt fell asleep. Wonderful.

6) Chocolate malt. No one holds my heart quite like Superior Dairy.

7) I love me some web editing. Fun fun.

8) Abigail has a miniature pie maker. It was amazing. And awesome.

9) I love seeing my designs in action. 🙂

10) I curled my hair. It made me feel sexy. I must do it more often.

11) Strawberry margaritas with my momma. She buys the good tequila.

12) My man brought me home a bottle of champagne, cookies, and a photography magazine. He knows the way to my heart. (Hint: I love surprises :))

P.S. If you aren’t following me on Instagram, you really should.

My Life Through Instagram

Are you following me on Instagram yet?  You really should.

Since its Friday, and since I am doing my Weekly Review today, I thought I would review my Instagram life, too.

(I’ll have to write a post on my GTD system soon. But today, I am lazy. Soon.)

Anyway, to the matter at hand. I love Instagram. I have told you this many times before. So here has what my life has looked since the last time we talked.

1) Heels. I looked cute but my feet hurt. Need to invest in flats.

2)  Me and the dork in class. He is too cute for words.

3) Our tree is growing back! I love that tree so much it is weird.

4) College and coffee. Did I mention that I’m done for the semester /  summer? I couldn’t be more happy! 🙂

5) Bottle brushes. I love these things. They used to grow at my Grandma’s. They are so pretty.

6) Scooter gets sad waiting for Dakota to come home. I had better ones on my DSLR and formatted my SD card on accident. :/ I’m such a goof.

7) My future wedding dress. ‘Nuff said.

8) The Jimi. My dog which turned into my mom’s dog. He is a handful, but for Mother’s Day I took care of him for a few days. I still love him. He still looks like a puppy.

9) My Corey. He has been staying with the Dork and I this week. I have known this kid since he was a little little kid. He’s all grown now. It makes me sad.

10) Abby and I can’t make waffles. I can’t talk about it. It’s still too painful.

11) Scooter giving me her usual look. I’m not sure if its a look of love or if she is plotting my death. She is such a drama queen.

12)Netflix, Ice Cream, and my BFF. A good Saturday night.

Now I am off to get back to my Weekly Review.

Have a great long weekend!

life rearranged

My Week in Instagram — San Francisco for SugarCon

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I was in San Francisco this week.
My colleague and I went for a conference called SugarCon, for SugarCRM, a CRM system that our company uses and we administrate.
He does the back end high tech code stuff and I do the front end modifications,marketing,  daily administration, and yelling at our sales people to use the system.
It’s a good system.

Heres my week in Instagram – Sorry about all the food pictures, I just had to show all the lovely things I experienced — and yes, food counts.

1) My trip started out with a trip to the airport. When I first arrived, TSA was closed. For some kind of break, apparently?  When I finally did get through, as the only person in line (gotta love small airports), I was asked to step aside for a pat down screening. Why? I was wearing sequins. My favorite shirt got me a pat down from TSA. Then, I get through security, and my flight was delayed almost two hours. Needless to say, I got myself a margarita. I earned it.

2) Croque Monsieur  sandwich. After flight delays and waiting for our rental car for an hour (which the company then upgraded us up to a Mercedes SUV), we didn’t make it back to our hotel until after 1 AM. We decided that nothing was open at 1 AM, so we ordered room service. I had a Croque Monsieur. Which is just a fancy ham and cheese sandwich. But it was amazing.

3) The view from my hotel room. 3rd floor. Not too shabby.

4) View from the Top of the Mark restaurant.  It has glass on three sides and you can see both the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate. Pretty amazing view. We stayed for breakfast.

5) My name tag from the conference. I was just glad to have made it there safely. We got lost and I was traumatized by San Francisco drivers. Cabbies, I am talking to you here!

6) Guy Kawasaki keynote. Amazing speaker. He gave us all a copy of his book. I brought back one for my boss. We are going to read it.

7) Pizza from room service. It was amazing. I need the recipe.

8) Lots of Sugar at SugarCon.

9) The Garden Room at the Palace Hotel.

10) Have you ever seen this guy? There was a guy doing that at Fisherman’s Wharf. When my love first saw this video on YouTube, he was addicted. So I had to buy him one. Had to.

11) Bittersweet chocolate cake. I need this for breakfast.

12) The lobby at the Mark Hopkins. We are talking seriously fancy here, people.

13) At the airport ready to go home!

14) Flying from LA to Visalia. I couldn’t resist getting a picture of the ocean. I miss the beach.

15) The tiny plane that we took from LA to Visalia.

16) Ahh. Home. Looks so much different from being in the city. But I am glad to be back!

This trip had some hiccups, but I am SO glad we went. We learned quite a bit. Now it is time to put that learning to good use and get our program running even better!

What did you do this week? 

and then, she {snapped}Photobucket

My Week In Instagram

Lately, I haven’t felt up to getting my camera out. With school and work and trying (and failing) to keep my house clean, by the time the weekend rolls around, I am just ready to lounge around, have a margarita, and eat ice cream.

(If you have any ideas on non food relaxation, let me know. I need to take up yoga again.)

Anyways, I love instagram to keep my creative juices flowing. Like I said last time, this will never replace my beloved DSLR, but it does a good job of letting me be creative. I am going to get myself to get my camera out more often now though. No use in letting it sit around, right? And I think my beloved boyfriend will finally let me take some pictures of him! How surprising, right?!

I have already told you about my obsession with instagram. But now it is time to show you what I’ve been up to this past week or so. (More or less, who’s counting?)

1)I love some web editing in the morning.
2) Did I mention the freak weather we had? Purple flowers in the sunshine.
3)See above. Freaky weather.
4)Rain. I fell in the mud. :/
5)Flooding. At a company that creates water control equipment. The irony is not lost on us, that’s for sure.
6)Puddles are fun for driving through. Good thing I have a truck.

7)Jumping over a puddle to get in my truck is more work than you might think.
8)I look at this sign everyday, when I leave to go to lunch or school or home. I think its very true for any company that is in manufacturing.
9)Green Machine. Looks weird, tastes good. Just wasn’t as good when it got to room temperature. Very filling, though.
10)Schedules make me happy. Strangely, I ended up a bit behind from this schedule, but I still got most of my work done.
11) Staple guns are fun. One of my favorite parts of my job.
12) Mmm. Corn. My BFF and I are going to try and go to Farmer’s Markets every week. Nothing like farm fresh produce in California. Be jealous.
13)More flooding. See above.
14)Horses in the sunshine. My BFF works at a farm and we were chasing around Spirit (the brown one) but the light was amazing, so I couldn’t resist taking a picture. One of those moments I wish I had my DSLR.
15)Dakota’s Grandma. She is a sweetheart. All I have left is my grandma so spending time with his grandparents fills that void I have.
16)Smirnoff Screwdrivers. Best thing ever. Good way to end my Sunday.


My Life in Instagram and Changes

I have discovered Instagram! They FINALLY released it for Android, because we all know that I’m not an Apple fangirl.  It is so simple and easy to use. Great for little snapshots. It won’t be replacing my DSLR anytime soon, but it is so much fun to use! Not to mention sometimes I want to be sneaky, and that is a whole lot easier with my phone and Instagram than lugging my big DSLR. Not so sneaky.

I wish I had this on my trip. (Oh! And I will get pictures up from my trip soon.. those planes are tiring, I am still recovering! Or I am just lazy. I’ll let you decide.)

Follow me on instagram @jessiekay77
Or view my shots here on Instagrid, a great companion to Instagram, so non-smartphone people can still see shots.

Here is my life through Instagram the past few days:

1) My henna tattoo that I got in New York with my brother’s girlfriend, Julia. We match except that hers was drawn from a template and mine was done by hand. I still like mine, even though it isn’t perfect.

2) A crane at was at my office the other day. They made me move my truck so that they wouldn’t hit it with the new machine we got or something. Whatever it was, I moved my truck quickly. I don’t like a squished truck. 

3)Margarita time! No further explanation needed. 

4) My love. While he was sleeping. Great. Now I look like a stalker. Oh well, he’s still cute.

5) Our calla lily that surprised us and grew in our backyard, without interference from us. It is beautiful. Dakota won’t let me cut it off yet. 

6) Green Tea Frappucino to start my morning. Beautiful.


Also, I wanted to talk to you guys about something. Well, as much talking as I can do through the blogosphere. I was wondering, am I too superficial on this blog? I have a feeling I could be going deeper than I am. Maybe I can post tutorials on Photoshop or something. I am not a great photographer, but I love Photoshop. Interested?

What else would you guys like to hear more of? This blog is still brand new, so I don’t know where I am going with it just yet.

Let me know what you think.

Kthx. Bye.


Jessica of Jessie Kay Graphics and Design

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