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Disconnecting and Unwinding

So, you may have noticed that I have been a bad blogger lately.
Or maybe you haven’t. Who knows.
Anyway, I have just been overwhelmed. Burned out. Tired.
In need of a huge glass of wine.
I needed a break.

Luckily, Dakota’s annual trip to the mountains was coming up. So I decided to take a day off and join him for a night (he was gone for a WEEK! Four years together and I still miss him like crazy when he’s gone!)
And by golly, I am so glad I went. It was nice to not have cell phone reception and not have to be anywhere, or really have to do anything except laugh, hang out, read, and spend some much needed quality time with my beau.
The mountain air felt amazing. I can’t wait for cold weather.

Dakota and I took a few walks together, just the two of us, and talked. It was, for lack of a better word, awesome. Definitely plan on going again later in the season, and next year.

I think in our world today, we are too focused on productivity, getting things done, and being the best that we can be all. the. time.

I think that is a noble goal, but we are only human. Our bodies can only take so much abuse. And mine was about to give out. My mini-vacation came at a great time.

My advice to you on this Monday, is take the time to relax. Turn off your cell phone. Give your loved ones a nice big hug. It feels great.

Your body will thank you for it.

And, because you have been so good, here are some pictures from my trip (my camera battery was dying – I forgot the spare! :() I didn’t get that many because I finally got a good stiff drink..or two…..



Happy Monday!


My Week in Instagram — San Francisco for SugarCon

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I was in San Francisco this week.
My colleague and I went for a conference called SugarCon, for SugarCRM, a CRM system that our company uses and we administrate.
He does the back end high tech code stuff and I do the front end modifications,marketing,  daily administration, and yelling at our sales people to use the system.
It’s a good system.

Heres my week in Instagram – Sorry about all the food pictures, I just had to show all the lovely things I experienced — and yes, food counts.

1) My trip started out with a trip to the airport. When I first arrived, TSA was closed. For some kind of break, apparently?  When I finally did get through, as the only person in line (gotta love small airports), I was asked to step aside for a pat down screening. Why? I was wearing sequins. My favorite shirt got me a pat down from TSA. Then, I get through security, and my flight was delayed almost two hours. Needless to say, I got myself a margarita. I earned it.

2) Croque Monsieur  sandwich. After flight delays and waiting for our rental car for an hour (which the company then upgraded us up to a Mercedes SUV), we didn’t make it back to our hotel until after 1 AM. We decided that nothing was open at 1 AM, so we ordered room service. I had a Croque Monsieur. Which is just a fancy ham and cheese sandwich. But it was amazing.

3) The view from my hotel room. 3rd floor. Not too shabby.

4) View from the Top of the Mark restaurant.  It has glass on three sides and you can see both the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate. Pretty amazing view. We stayed for breakfast.

5) My name tag from the conference. I was just glad to have made it there safely. We got lost and I was traumatized by San Francisco drivers. Cabbies, I am talking to you here!

6) Guy Kawasaki keynote. Amazing speaker. He gave us all a copy of his book. I brought back one for my boss. We are going to read it.

7) Pizza from room service. It was amazing. I need the recipe.

8) Lots of Sugar at SugarCon.

9) The Garden Room at the Palace Hotel.

10) Have you ever seen this guy? There was a guy doing that at Fisherman’s Wharf. When my love first saw this video on YouTube, he was addicted. So I had to buy him one. Had to.

11) Bittersweet chocolate cake. I need this for breakfast.

12) The lobby at the Mark Hopkins. We are talking seriously fancy here, people.

13) At the airport ready to go home!

14) Flying from LA to Visalia. I couldn’t resist getting a picture of the ocean. I miss the beach.

15) The tiny plane that we took from LA to Visalia.

16) Ahh. Home. Looks so much different from being in the city. But I am glad to be back!

This trip had some hiccups, but I am SO glad we went. We learned quite a bit. Now it is time to put that learning to good use and get our program running even better!

What did you do this week? 

and then, she {snapped}Photobucket

I’ve Learned in San Fransisco So Far

… If you get back to your hotel after 1 AM, your best bet is probably room service.

…It is better to close your eyes while being driven around in cabs. Those people are crazy.

…If you have a room at the Mark Hopkins, or even if you don’t, go see the Top of the Mark.. the view is amazing!

…Get a phone with a better battery. Playing with twitter all day tends to drain it.

…San Fransiscans (Correct me if I’m wrong here?) like Macs.

…Wear great shoes, walking uphill hurts. And makes my feet swell.


.. More to come, and pictures!

DJ and Julia Sneak Peek

While I was in New York, I got FINALLY got the oppurtunity to take some pictures of my brother, David (we refer to him as DJ) and his girlfriend, Julia.
(I say FINALLY because they have been together like two years. Then again, we are limited to when my brother is home on leave. Or in this case, when we go see him.)

Julia is the sweetest soul you could ever meet. Which is good, because DJ is kind of a force to be reckoned with. (That gene skipped me, of course. Haha.) The way they are together is so adorable. Not to mention, also a little heart wrenching. My little brother is all grown up. You would think the fact that he has been in the Navy for almost two years would’ve made me realize he isn’t a little kid anymore.But no. My mind works in mysterious ways.

Anywho, I got to take a few quick shots of the cute couple while I was over there. Not many, though, unfortunately. The weather was cold and we had more things to do. Maybe if he comes home for the holidays I will get more. I got some really cute ones though. Here are two sneak peeks. Enjoy.

and  then, she {snapped}
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Pinterest, Albany, and Other things

Today is the day. I am leaving tonight on an airplane.

To see my brother. Who lives far, far, far away in Albany, New York. I am so excited. I can hardly handle it.
This is my first time on a plane in like, ten years. Or more. And the first time on the East Coast. And my first time traveling alone.

I am sooo nervous. And exctied. And unbelieveably STOKED. (No, I am not a hippie for saying “stoked”. However, I am pretty awesome, if I say so myself.)

To help further my excitement, nervousness, and all of those other awesome things, I found a Pinterest board that I am now obsessed with, (Thank you, Erica Moore!)
If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, have you been under a rock this whole time? Check out my boards here. I’m addicted. Seriously.

I have a few ideas of what I want to see while I am there, time permitting! I have linked the pictures to their pinned owners. Pinterest is not always a reliable resource of who owns what images. But I have linked to the owners according to Pinterest. (If this is correct, image owners, please email me and I will remove the images.)

This is probably the first thing I will see, considering it is at the Airport.

“Building Bridges” at the Albany International Airport Gallery

The Aquaducks Tour, through the Hudson River! I would love to go on this and see downtown Albany and the Hudson River!

Washington Park. I would love to go during the Tulip festival, but it is in May, unfortunately. I’d still love to go to the park, though.

New York Capital Building. I don’t know why, but this is so interesting to me. The architecture is amazing!

Palace Theatre. It is so beautiful. I need to see it for myself.

Bob and Ron’s Fish Fry. This is apparently an Albany landmark. I hope to eat there with my brother and Julia.

Thank you, Erica, for your amazing Albany Pinterest board and inspiring me to see some of these sights while I am over there!
This isn’t even counting all the things I want to see in NYC! Eeeep. I can’t get too excited, 5 hrs more of work today before I can get into vacation mode!

I promise to take lots of pictures while I am gone. 😀

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