About Me



This is me. My name is Jessica. I live in California. The part of California no one sees, unless you know about it. I live right in the middle, surrounded by orange trees. I love it here. When I was a kid, I wanted so bad to move away, but now I love the simplicity.

I am a hobbyist photographer and always looking to improve, so on this site I will try and post a great deal of pictures. You are open to give me constructive criticism, I definitely need it! At my day job I am a graphic artist and marketing guru (At least, I attempt to be.) I manage my company’s publications, website, CRM system, and tradeshows and other events. I am going to school for a graphic design degree, and I’m almost done. (Thank God!) I ramble. I talk about things that are unimportant. I can talk to strangers easily. (Why is that a good thing as an adult but a bad thing as a kid? Hmm. ) But I always have fun doing so.

I am kind of a nerd. Okay, so I am totally a nerd. But I have accepted it. I am a honest person. I love sitting on my porch talking to my best friend.
Be my friend, and we can talk too. 🙂

I have had other blogs before, but I feel like I am a different person now. So we will see how this goes!


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