My Pinterest Wedding

It’s a good thing Pinterest exists. (You can follow me here.)

Otherwise girls like me would have no outlet to plan our imaginary weddings.
I’m not single, of course, but I am not planning on getting married anytime soon.
But yet, for some reason, I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to my non-existant wedding.
And it has 107 pins.
Can you say obsessed?
Oh well. I guess when the time comes I will be ready.
Well, to start with. The ring.
The beginning.
I love everything about this ring. I should just leave pictures of it laying around the house.
Think he would get the hint?
Yeah, you’re right. Probably not.
 Now, the dress.
 The most imporant part. Most people say.
I’ve only recently gotten into wearing dresses, thanks to Rachael, but the idea of the wedding dress excites me the most.
What do you think of this one?
And this. Oh my goodness. This is SO me.
It is purple and goregous. And I need it.
Onto Bridesmaids.
I don’t think I will have any except for my maid of honor (and best friend) Abigail.
But even if I don’t, Abby will wear one of these.
Because I will be Bridezilla if she doesn’t. Yeah right.
I love how they are different but similar.
 Speaking of my Maid of Honor, in all of her glory, I need to do this for her:
And these almost made me cry. I bet if I did something like this for my mom and dad, I bet they would cry too.
And these. Oh my goodness. If I do this, I will have it out in my home forever and ever.  And I think it would be really cute for guests to write down words of advice in love and marriage on one side and sign on the other.
Knowing my family and the Dork’s family we definitely need these. And plus they are cute.
This source requires a password, but I’m linking it anyways.
And despite all these things that I would want, this is the only thing that truely matters. If I never got any of this stuff, this would still hold true. I love you, sweetheart. I always knew it was you.
I am sorry there are soooo many pictures. But please know that I cut back A LOT in this post. I never used to dream about these kind of things, but lately I have been. They have such cute stuff for weddings! There are so many rustic type thing that even my Dork will love. Someday. We will get there.
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And check out my wedding board on Pinterest here for more wedding related shenanigans.

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