To My Future Children

I have to make an apology to you.

Your father and I, we are kind of, well, dorks.
I am, anyways. And he puts up with me. So does that make him a dork by association?

We will embarrass you. Know how I know? Because I embarrass myself.
And because parents embarrass children. That’s just how it goes.
Just think of the wonders I could do for you!

Regardless of this, you will be loved more than you can ever truly imagine.

I hope you get your Daddy’s green eyes.
But my big brown eyes would be good, too.
And maybe your Uncle David’s hair.
So that he’s not the only ginger in the family.
But whatever you look like, I’m sure you will be beautiful.

You will probably know how to use a computer before you can walk.
You will be given crayons, pencils, chalk, anything you want as long as you can express yourself.
(And hopefully not throw them at Mommy. Mommy doesn’t like that)
But if you would rather play sports, we will support you. I may not understand the games, but I will show up every time.

And I would get used to cereal. Or learn how to cook.
Daddy is a good cook, but your Mommy, her, not so much.
Let’s just say we will be eating at Grandma’s a lot. She will love to cook for you. As long as you compliment her food. And eat your vegetables.

You will not be raised with a particular religion, but you will know right or wrong.
You will be honest, and treat others with fairness and kindness and respect.
You will learn love by watching Mommy and Daddy, and know that love can conquer all.
You will do chores and learn responsibility.
But most of all, I hope that you will learn what happiness feels like before you ever feel pain or heartache.

I will not always be your best friend. You will dislike me sometimes.
And that’s alright.
But I will always be there for you.
I promise to give you the benefit of the doubt, no matter what.
I promise to always give you a chance to explain your story.
I will accept that sometimes you may not like me, and maybe even hate me.
But there will come a day that you will understand.

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