Lies I Tell

Sometimes, the truth just isn’t what works at that moment.
I just hope and pray no one I have said these to will read this.

If they do, oh well.

The thing is, I am not usually a liar. I used to be good at it.
…And then I met Dakota.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, Dakota is an interesting person.
I’m not saying that just because I love him and he is adorable.
He is interesting.
Not only can he make changes in his life (and encourage me to do the same) like nobody’s business, he can tell when I am lying.
Every. Single. Stinkin’. Time.

So, needless to say, I don’t lie often. It’s just too much work, in my opinion.
Ahem. Anyways.

Lies I tell:

“I will go to bed on time tonight.”

Okay, so this is a lie to myself. But I really try, I really do. But going to bed at 8:30 PM makes me feel like an 8 year old. So I end up staying up way too late reading or watching TV. And then I regret it the next day when I get up at 4:30 AM.

I’ll do the homework today.”
This is a lie to Dakota and also myself. But its not like he wants to do the homework either.

“I’m not mad.”
Okay, seriously, who doesn’t tell this one?!
Truth is, if I am being strangely quiet, and I haven’t been drinking (if I have been drinking and I get quiet, that is usually a sign to cut me off. Just saying) then I am pissed.
I will probably get over it quickly though. If you bring me chocolate.

“We should hang out sometime!”
If you don’t know me, I am kind of an antisocial person. I have Dakota, I have my best friend, and I have my family. That is pretty much the extent of my social life.
If you make plans with me, bear in mind that I will usually cancel.
Socialness makes me nervous. And I would rather stay in bed and watch Netflix.

Which leads me to my biggest and most often told lie…

“No, I haven’t been watching Lie to Me without you!”
This is why Dakota and I can’t watch the same shows on Netflix. I cheat and get ahead. Then he gets wind of it and watches without me.
Now he has finished them all on Netflix and I got distracted by America’s Funniest Home Videos.
And he doesn’t want to watch them again with me.

(I probably shouldn’t have let him watch that show anyways. Now he is just getting better at knowing when I’m lying. When can a girl get a break?!)


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Jessica  is a graphic design extraordinare, a marketing newbie, and a photographer trying to find her style. She lives with her amazing boyfriend and their cute-but-evil cat Scooter and rambunctious kitten Loki. She details their life, her trade, and other shenanigans here on her blog. View all posts by jessicaapeters

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