My Life in Instagram and Changes

I have discovered Instagram! They FINALLY released it for Android, because we all know that I’m not an Apple fangirl.  It is so simple and easy to use. Great for little snapshots. It won’t be replacing my DSLR anytime soon, but it is so much fun to use! Not to mention sometimes I want to be sneaky, and that is a whole lot easier with my phone and Instagram than lugging my big DSLR. Not so sneaky.

I wish I had this on my trip. (Oh! And I will get pictures up from my trip soon.. those planes are tiring, I am still recovering! Or I am just lazy. I’ll let you decide.)

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Or view my shots here on Instagrid, a great companion to Instagram, so non-smartphone people can still see shots.

Here is my life through Instagram the past few days:

1) My henna tattoo that I got in New York with my brother’s girlfriend, Julia. We match except that hers was drawn from a template and mine was done by hand. I still like mine, even though it isn’t perfect.

2) A crane at was at my office the other day. They made me move my truck so that they wouldn’t hit it with the new machine we got or something. Whatever it was, I moved my truck quickly. I don’t like a squished truck. 

3)Margarita time! No further explanation needed. 

4) My love. While he was sleeping. Great. Now I look like a stalker. Oh well, he’s still cute.

5) Our calla lily that surprised us and grew in our backyard, without interference from us. It is beautiful. Dakota won’t let me cut it off yet. 

6) Green Tea Frappucino to start my morning. Beautiful.


Also, I wanted to talk to you guys about something. Well, as much talking as I can do through the blogosphere. I was wondering, am I too superficial on this blog? I have a feeling I could be going deeper than I am. Maybe I can post tutorials on Photoshop or something. I am not a great photographer, but I love Photoshop. Interested?

What else would you guys like to hear more of? This blog is still brand new, so I don’t know where I am going with it just yet.

Let me know what you think.

Kthx. Bye.


Jessica of Jessie Kay Graphics and Design


About jessicaapeters

Jessica  is a graphic design extraordinare, a marketing newbie, and a photographer trying to find her style. She lives with her amazing boyfriend and their cute-but-evil cat Scooter and rambunctious kitten Loki. She details their life, her trade, and other shenanigans here on her blog. View all posts by jessicaapeters

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