It’s Monday. The worst kind of Monday, the kind that comes after a great weekend of sleeping in with my love and doing nothing. 

It usually takes me a few hours to get back into my groove on Mondays. My body has to readjust to waking up at 4:30 am for work. My brain has to readjust to think about something other than Netflix. The other guy who comes in ridiculously early to my office and I have an agreement to keep the lights off for the first few hours before the normal people come in. That helps my brain adjust and is a stress free way to start my morning.

I would like to post photos today, just let me get back into the groove of the week.

Anyone have tips on making it through an exceptionally difficult Monday? 




About jessicaapeters

Jessica  is a graphic design extraordinare, a marketing newbie, and a photographer trying to find her style. She lives with her amazing boyfriend and their cute-but-evil cat Scooter and rambunctious kitten Loki. She details their life, her trade, and other shenanigans here on her blog. View all posts by jessicaapeters

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