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My favorite Shot of February

I love this shot of Amanda and Jon! I went into this shoot with ideas from Pinterest, but I was still sooo nervous that my pictures were going to come out horrible. I had never done a couple before, let alone maternity! I guess I can’t say that anymore.

Luckily for me, these two are goregous and are very natural in front of the camera. I don’t know if I am getting more practice or if I am just learning to edit better, but I feel like the past few sessions I have done, my ratio of good images to bad images is getting better. And the best part is, I am still having fun!

Well, what do you think? Did I click it up a notch in February?


Click It Up A Notch


Showing Off My Shot – Baby Brennan Coming Soon

I had to show off this shot. Amanda and Jon are just a few weeks away from having their little baby boy!

Amanda has been a good friend of mine for a long time, and it was a pleasure to take these pictures, I had so much fun!

I hope to get some pictures when the little one is here!

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What I’ve Been Up To This Week

The World Ag Expo — Waterman Industries Booth

It was a success! It was my first big show in my new job, and it was stressful trying to get everything / everyone organized. That’s why I haven’t had much time to post. I feel I did a pretty good job though. I got to walk the show a bit and I have some more ideas for next year!

Marketing is a totally different ballgame than graphic design, but I think it is useful to be able to do both.

I certainly had a great time, and now I get to go on vacation next week! And I have a photo shoot this weekend, so I am going back to normal life. Until next year, at least!

Wordless{ish} Wednesday — Dandelion

Dandelions make me happy. My next tattoo might be one. I also love the macro filter I used for this shot. Need more.

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My Parents

I know this is an old picture (I want to go back to Christmastime.. my favorite time of year!) but I just had to share it and tell you a little about my parents. My mom just had her birthday on Monday, so I thought I would give her a nod today, since I didn’t think of it yesterday and I am the worst daughter ever. I bought her pizza for her birthday, though, to make up for it. She was happy. (I had gotten over my bad case of the Mondays by then.) My brother sent her flowers. He’s trying to win.

This is my Mom and Dad at Christmas (Duh. Tree.) This is actually a shot in between when they were posing and I was pretending to adjust settings and I caught this moment. It is my favorite. I am forever learning about my camera, and this was two months ago now, but whether or not this picture is technically perfect, this is still a great image of my parents. Their love is so evident.

Plus they are wearing matching “Navy Mom” and “Navy Dad” shirts. That makes me happy. And makes me miss my brother, who is in the Navy (you didn’t think I was the sailor, did you? Psh.) and is on the other side of the country, in New York. He was here for Christmas. Another reason I would gladly get on a time machine back to Christmas. I just love Christmas.

Anyway, if I could only tell you three things about my mama, it would be these:

  1. Her name is Joy, and her laugh and smile definitely live up to that.
  2. She loooooooooooooves coffee. Seriously. She can drink it all day long. And I can barely finish a cup.
  3. She has a very creative mind, I learned how to paint / draw from her. (Along with my Nana, my dad’s mom, but that’s a whole other story.) I used to be in awe of the things she created, and I am now still.

I love my Mama and hope she had a great birthday! Now we can get to planning mine! Yay!


It’s Monday. The worst kind of Monday, the kind that comes after a great weekend of sleeping in with my love and doing nothing. 

It usually takes me a few hours to get back into my groove on Mondays. My body has to readjust to waking up at 4:30 am for work. My brain has to readjust to think about something other than Netflix. The other guy who comes in ridiculously early to my office and I have an agreement to keep the lights off for the first few hours before the normal people come in. That helps my brain adjust and is a stress free way to start my morning.

I would like to post photos today, just let me get back into the groove of the week.

Anyone have tips on making it through an exceptionally difficult Monday? 



Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

My weekend plans are to clean my house (not likely), do homework (it’s a possibility), and veg out and relax in my big, comfortable bed (you can count on it!). My favorite part of the weekend is sleeping in with my guy and just relaxing!

What’s yours?

Take this little guy’s advice and have some fun this weekend!



I saw this on Anna’s blog, Spectacles, today. And I want to play. This fantastic idea comes from blogger fat mum slim for a photo a day for the month of February.Image Since today is the first day of February (WHERE DID JANUARY GO?!), I have a photo of “my view today” Please excuse the camera phone picture. I don’t bring my good camera to work. Although, I really should. But my mind doesn’t work at 4 am when I leave for work. My desk looks very neat today. Should mess it up before people think I don’t have work to do. Image

Wordless Wednesday – One of my favorite people


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